The QuadRadiX

4 Fantastic musicians streaming into Second Life from 4 different locations throughout the US and Canada.   Quad streaming in relay, performing rock music & love songs from the 60’s to present, covering bands & artists such as Jason Mraz, The Beatles, Radiohead and Neil Young.   Dynamic performers bringing their passion for music in the songs their fans love to hear!  They keep you wanting more …….

The QuadRadiX has been 6+ years in the making. In April 2012, Maximillion Kleene asked Ben Cleanslate to play bass with him on dual stream. June 2012, Sabian Inglewood joined them on stage to play drums and this was the beginning of MKB as a trio streaming in relay into Second Life. DennyMac joined the band in June 2014 and they became the newest quad streaming band in Second Life and soon became known as The QuadRadiX. In November 2017 Ben Cleanslate decided to step away from Second Life. As of November 13, 2017, Noma Falta took over the key role as bass player for the band.

Who are they? ……..

Maximillion Kleene, streaming from Niagara Falls Canada, brings high energy and a dynamic musical range and groove on acoustic guitar.  He delivers a versatile vocal style and influences from a range of artists such as Pearl Jam to Foo Fighters to Jason Mraz.  Max, well known for his solo performances in Second Life, was a member of The gReefers band.

Sabian Inglewood comes to you from New Hampshire as drummer for the band.  He began playing drums in school and today enjoys playing styles ranging from blues, pop, and country, to jazz and progressive rock. He was previously the drummer with Second Life’s Virtual Live Band and The gReefers band.

DennyMac streams from New York with his passion for music and a deep desire to share his talent. Heavily influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, James Taylor, the Beatles and many others,  he brings his great talents to the band as lead guitar.

Noma Falta  is a powerful, soulful Vocalist and Musician enjoying the company of SecondLifer’s for over 9 years. A high energy artist who loves being involved with the audience during her shows, her talents on bass are second to none.   

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